April 2014
Lower Saxony foreign trade Award - nomination
Acoustics is one of the five best companies in the category of small and medium-sized enterprises.

November 2013
German Award
CSR label
of corporate social responsibility

June 2013
Pan Beam at the railwaystation of Gare de Lyon in Paris.This is the fourth installation of Pan Beam products in a TGV-station in France.

January 2013
Reference project for Pan Beam PB248 in outdoor version.
Perfect sound distribution direction Eemar Boulevard and Burj Khalifa,
next door to the Dubai Mall on the worldwide biggest LED-screen of 20 x 12 meters.

December 2012
New distribution partner for Dubai and the Arabic Emirates.
Exclusive distribution: AAVISS / Dubai

November 2012
Technology Transfer price 2012.
The founder and Managing Director of Pan Acoustics is honored with the Technology Transfer price 2012 of the IHK (Industrial- and chamber of commerce) Braunschweig for outstanding research transfers to the DLR in the field of aircraft noise simulation and the acoustic reproduction of a real aircraft turbine.

October 2012
Pan  Beam Systems installed at the Goethe University Frankfurt, Campus West.
96 Pan Beam systems were installed in severeal halls and auditora and taken into service.

September 2012
World novelty: The Pan Magnum at the International Police trade-fair.
At the International Police trade-fair, the first rotate-able- bullet proof loudspeaker system for crowed control is introduced and demonstrated . The Pan Magnum can withstand the bullets up to a Magnum 44.

June 2012
Expansion of the Pan Beam sales network for the United Kingdom
Exclusive distribution for Pan Beam is CUK-Audio from Glasgow

February 2012
The Squaire at Frankfurt Airport.
The widest building in Germany, The Squaire ( installs a Pan Beam voice evacuation system. All indoor atriums are covered with 26 Pan Beam systems PB16.

September 2011
Mosque Duisburg
The biggest Mosque in Germany so far, installs a complete Pan Beam system.

May 2011
Distribution network expansion for Hon Kong / China and Macao
CY-Communications Hong Kong based distributor takes in the Pan Beam systems to distribute these high-quality "Made in Germany " into China /and Macao.

April 2011
Pan Acoustics moves to Wolfenbüttel (formerly Ant / Bosch plant site )
Due to the continues growth of Pan Acoustics moves to a new office and hall space for here operational activities of 640 sqm.

October 2010
Installation of a variable room 94-channel acoustics system is installed in the City Theater of Braunschweig / Germany.
The system offers the flexible adjustment of the reverberation time (1 s...4s) with just a fingertip, depending on the various music performances.

May 2010
Exklusively Cooperation with the German High Quality company VISATON for development of industrial loudspeaker systems

March 2010
Product-Announcement Pan Jericho
Digital Matrix-System for highest power applications

Septembre 2009
110-Multi channel Digital Audio DSP-System, interation inside a aeroplane DO 728 DLR-Göttingen, for tests with psycho acoustics, stress simulation for passengers and the pilote crew

June 2009  
Automotive Development for the customer including massproduction

January 2009
PanBeam: Reference-Installation Airport Paris Charles de Gaulle

November 2008    
Motorshow Essen/Germany: High Class Tuning ShowCar Skoda and Pan Surround

July 2008    
PanBeam: Reference-Installation Townhill of  Paris

May 2008    
Technical presentation of Pan Acoustics at the fair  “Adaptronic” Berlin

October 2007
Starting Development of Pan-WDA Wireless Digital Audio System - 2 years of battery standby time

August 2007
Pan Beam: Expansion upto European countries incl. North-Africa and Arabia

April 2007
Fair ´Hannovermesse 2007´: Premium class Car-HiFi 24-Channel-DSP Pan-Surround

March 2007
PanBeam: Going into German Market - first product ´Made in Germany´ of steerable column

September 2006
Presentation of new product PanBeam - digital steerable sound column

November 2005
Presentation of new product Pan Surround

May 2005
In cooperation with the dutch based firm ACS Acoustic control systems - digital room acoustic with a multiple DSP system

September 2004
Car acoustic - exclusive 20 channel surround sound experience for all seating positions in vehicles of the luxury class

April 2004
Presentation of the multichannel wireless digital audio system for car interiors

February 2004
Strategic partnership with the TRAJET G.m.b.H - Embedded Multimedia

December 2004
Underwater acoustic - cooperation in the wellness department of SAS Radisson, Vienna

August/Septemebr 2003
IFA-Berlin - first ever presentation with Digital Audio-MPEG4 transmission for Surround-appliances

June 2003
Cooperation with the Fraunhofer-Institut in audio technological development

May 2003
Involvement of the tbg (Technologie Beteiligungs-Gesellschaft mbH) with Pan Acoustics. Pan Acoustics becomes Pan Acoustics GmbH

February 2003
First ever worldwide multichannel, synchronised digital audio-radio controlled system

Dezember 2002
1. scholarship Wolfsburg AG

November 2002
Winner of the "ideas for work" competition / Braunschweig

July 2002
Company foundation by the initiator Dipl.-Ing. Udo Borgmann

June 2002
Winner of the 4. Prize Existence foundationers competition / Promotion 2002