Our Team

Our highly motivated and expert staff consists of permanent employees as also freelance skilled workers all of who possess degrees in technological and natural scientific areas. The realisation of solutions to the given tasks is taken from the sum of over a hundred years of personal staff experience in the engineering branch alone.

The Founder

  • longstanding experience in development within a worldwide company
  • perennial experience in distribution in the music industry
  • international team management
  • expertise in radio technology, radio network construction, system technology and design of massproduced equipment
  • numerous network contacts in the sonic industry business
  • Bearer of many Patents

The Employees

  • specialised knowledge in the programming of microprocessors, digital signal processors (DSP)
  • expertise in manufacturing circuit plan and circuit board layouts
  • experienced in the initial operation and testing of complex hardware und software
  • VDE-commendation, instructors certificate, diploma


The Pan Acoustics GmbH with its development and production department is located in Wolfenbüttel, Germany.