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Welcome to Pan Acoustics, the specialists for acoustic and audio technology

Pan Beam products provide problem free speech and music broadcast, even in the most difficult of surroundings. Pristine sound quality in large halls without the annoying echo are easily achieved. Pan Beam garantees excellent speech clarity and ensures the audience's aural health.

Pan Beam is able to accomplish high volume output in large audience areas with a near to constant, extremely flexible and exact signal alignment. Being seated near the source of high output signals is no longer a problem for the audience. Pan Beam simply irradicates the usual unpleasant side effects.

This is achieved by using electronic DSP control, by means of a personal computer, without having to physically adjust the loudspeaker system itself. All Pan Beam products are light weight and can be installed by a qualified person in no time at all.

Summary of the advantages of Pan Beam:

  • the most up to date technology
  • DSP control
  • maximum clarity of speech and aural health
  • flexible and exact adjustment
  • digital amplification
  • interconnectivity
  • flexibility by means of modularity
  • perfect design
  • simple set up

All Pan Beam-products are completely developed and manufactured by Pan Acoustics: