The Product Family Pan Beam

There are several types of Pan Beam. These are different depending on their physical dimensions.

The small type Pan Beam PB 08 is the right solution for small integration into an acoustic critical environment.

For greater coverage the Pan Beam PB 16 is the better choice. The type Pan Beam PB 24 is needed for highest demands inside wider critical acoustic areas.

If there is a very critical auditoria acoustics and inside this area a very high reverberation time (rt60 = 7 sec and more..) the Pan Beam PB32 oder Pan Beam PB40 should be chosen.

The smallest type of steerable column is the new PB 04, which can be used in small environments and for supplement in existing installations.

To complete the active Pan Beam loudspeakers series there is also a high-quality passive loudspeaker (PB 8-15) available.

For more informations please look into the datasheets.